Main Emergency Off Switch:

A manually operated main switch must be provided for each mains feed in order to disconnect the machine’s electrical equipment from the mains (e.g. when work on the electrical equipment is to be done).

Designed as a circuit breaker as per EN 60947-3 for category of use AC-23B.

Manually operable with just one On and Off position, which are clearly marked 0 and I.

Visible isolating distance or position indicator, which can only indicate the Off position when a sufficient isolating distance as per EN 60947-3 exists between all contacts.

Handle is available in black or grey.

Can be locked in the Off position, e.g. with padlocks.

Sufficient breaking capacity to cut off the largest motor’s current when stalled along with the total of all other motors’ and/or consumer units’ operating currents.

D Series:

These are used as main On/Off switches and can be panel mounted or base mounted. They are available in 3 or 4 pole configurations and from 25A to 250A. Switching capacity (EN 609473) are available in the online Main Switches Catalogue page 8 & 9.

Available with black disc handle or yellow plate and red disc handle for Emergency purposes and are rated IP65.

These switches can be used just about anywhere to switch off the mains and are fitted where they can be easily reached.

VN Series:

A cam switch is used either as an isolator/ main switch for the function of switching off control or power the equipment.

DL Series:

DL switches fulfil the circuit-breaking conditions as per EN for 1000V.

The terminals have individual terminal clamp covers for cable lug and power bus connection on the mains input side. The DHV twin-lever handle has a locking mechanism for 4 padlocks.

The switches can also be supplied in 4-pole format with switchable neutral conductor and an auxiliary switch.

DL series cam circuit breakers fulfil the requirements made by DIN EN 60204 Part 1, clause 5.3 of manually operated main switches. It stipulates that a circuit breaker compliant with EN 60947-3 must be designed for category of use AC-23B.

Maintenance Switches:

The repair switch is an enclosed main switch with an emergency-off function for an individual electrical consumer.

Its installation in the immediate vicinity of the motor or of the electrical consumer unit enables each worker when carrying out maintenance work to hook on their padlock (max. 3) and thus protect themselves from anyone else switching it on without permission.

Important factors in the choice of repair switch are its compatibility with the connected rating, breaking capacity, cable profiles, housing size and metric cable glands.

For use in these varying conditions we offer 3-, 4- and 6-pole switching devices with and without auxiliary contacts.

S Series Main/ Emergency Off Switch with MCB:

Elektra S series main switches with a low voltage circuit breaker provide protection against automatic restarting when power is restored following a power cut. They fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 60204 Part 1, clause 7.5 by means of a low-voltage circuit breaker coil, which has a mechanism that after any power cut causes the switch to jump back into the 0 position. If there is no power, the switch cannot be turned on.

  • Additional equipment
  • Power bus connection
  • Extra terminal clamp for control current circuit
  • Auxiliary contacts’ function