The Cobra generation of foot-operated switches impresses with modern design and enhanced technology. The FDC and FGC range has been designed for the industries with a high demand for mechanical and electrical switching frequency.

Foot-operated switches are used, for instance, on woodworking machines, CNC processing machines, construction machines and bending machines.

The Cobra foot-operated safety switches consist of two system components: foot-operated switch and protective cover. The various different technical features include all contacts’ positive opening operation and a pressure point element integrated under the pedal, which when the pedal is sharply pushed down triggers an immediate stop of the machine.

The housing design of both system components has been defined in such a way that combining two or more switches side by side creates compact foot-operated switch blocks that form a neatly shaped unit. A core innovation and unparalleled in the field of industrial foot-operated safety switches is the use of an extruded aluminum protective cover that doesn’t break even under heavy impact and thus protects the foot from injury. The cover also provides protection from accidental activation.

FDC/FGC Cobra foot-operated switches

FDC/FGC Cobra foot-operated safety switches

FP foot-operated switches

FD foot-operated switches

WBF/TF foot-operated switches

TF6 foot-operated switches


  • 2-pedal versions
  • With cam switch or contact block, contact block optionally with creep or snap-action switching
  • Direct motor control up to 25 amps
  • Custom switching programmes possible
  • Multi-pedal versions can also be supplied ready to be connected (already wired up)
  • Protective cover made of extruded aluminium can be retrospectively fitted