CEE industrial plugs and sockets are insulated by enclosure and available both with screw terminals and non-threaded connectors. The position of the protective contact socket in relation to the non-interchangeability groove ensures the plugs and sockets are uniquely allocated for different voltages and frequencies.

All plugs and sockets are available in 5 poles (3 phase + neutral + earth) and from 16A to 125A. ratings. With CTP & CGP plugs you have the option of reversing two phases with the simple help of a screwdriver. The catalogue calls them phase inverter plugs.

Ratings are IP 44 & IP 67. The sockets can be used as a general straight connect coupler or wall mounted or machine mounted type and some are angles for easier access.

Refer to our online catalogue for more types, technical features and information and specifications.

There are several types of plug/socket combination available depending upon your application. The configuration of hour-setting of the position of the earthing contact sleeve with respect to the non-confusability groove for different voltages and frequencies. (View from front of the sockets into contact bushings)

This is illustrated in a separate pdf named – IP&S Configuration of hour setting and available online under “Catalogues & Approvals”.


  • Socket combinations with circuit breakers
  • Socket combinations with circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters


  • Circuit breakers fitted in the cover, thus making connection easy using freely accessible terminal clamps
  • 3 moulded feed-in openings on top and bottom for correct supply line connection
  • Clear cover that can be locked against unauthorised activation of the circuit breakers
  • Top of housing optionally in light grey or signal yellow

Splash protection type IP 44 & IP67