These emergency stops have been designed for use in most applications.

Protection is class II and have been tested to IEC/EN 60947-5-1 and various standards, refer to the online catalogue for more technical details and specifications.

The modular contact blocks are coloured to easily identify them and are normally open, normally close or safety contacts are housed in a plastic enclosure and can be interchanged very easily.

The push button is twist to release head and complies with EN ISO 13850, VDE 0660, part 200. IEC/EN 60947­5­1 und ICE/EN 60947­5.

There are several push button collars to choose from IP 65, IP 66, IP 69K ratings and depending upon the application. It comes with a M20 knockout for cable entry gland and the

The safety contact constantly monitors that the connection between the emergency off button and the contact element is as it should be.

If due to negligent fitting or mechanical damage the emergency off button becomes detached from the contact element, the safety contact cuts in immediately and the machine gets shut down.