About Us


We are a small Australian family owned and operated company united by the belief that real people can and should drive real change. Made stronger by our technical knowledge, expertise, passion and enthusiasm to be able to supply our world class products to the Australian and New Zealand industrial sector however big or small. We are confident that our customers will love our products and begin each day with this mindset that we are here to support them all the way. Our aim is to grow this business into manufacturing and assembly to support our Country’s economy with jobs and growth.


FMES Australia was founded in August 2020 with a simple idea to make it easier to find a switching or connection electrical industrial product that is robust, reliable and fits with a commitment to do more. Elektra Tailfingen Germany have been the experts and engineered these world class products since 1921 for quality, reliability and sustainability. They take pride in creating products our customers love while doing right by our customers, community and planet. I used to be the expert in the assembly of custom or special Cam Switches whilst working for the previous supplier.


Every movement starts with a belief. Like a belief that real change takes scale or that “good enough” is hardly enough anymore.
We have always held our beliefs close.
We believe now more than ever that our business should be a force for good. Because highly engineered quality, reliability and sustainability are highly sought after. These values are not-negotiables.