VN series Rotary Cam Switches are suitable for an extremely wide range of uses with practically unlimited switching possibilities.

These Cam switches can therefore be universally used and can be built as:

  • On/Off switches
  • Changeover switches
  • Step switches
  • Ammeter switches
  • Voltmeter switches
  • Single-phase switches
  • Control/ Impulse switches
  • Three-phase switches
  • Binary Code switches
  • Specially configured switches

They are mainly available in three type of mounting:

  • Panel mount
  • Central (22.5mm) single hole mount or
  • Base mount

Specially configured or custom switches can be made as per your application requirements, all you need to do is either fill in our online special-order form or provide a copy of your switching requirements to assist you fill in the form.

The Cam switch comprises of a mechanical chamber and electrical or contact chambers. Each electrical or contact chamber consists of two double break contacts that open positively and a cam wheel for functional control.

VN series are of 7 frame sizes: V2N (25A), V3N (32A), VN 32 (50A), VN 50 (63A), VN 80 (125A), VN 125 (150A) and VN 200 (250A). The options and accessories are endless, please refer to our online electronic catalogue for more details.

These Cam Switches have been developed, constructed and tested in accordance with national and international standards, based on VDE regulations, DIN standards, European standards, IEC publications and UL standards. The products listed in this cam Switch catalogue fall within the applications of low voltage.